Wurzl’14 Camp Entrance

We announce (a bit proud): the camp-entrance is ready. Just two more weeks and the 4. international Salzburger-Landeslager starts. We are awaiting you!



Meal Selection and “open pots” – update

IMG_5841Thank you for chosing your meals in time. From now on you don’t have the possibility to change your selection yourself.

If you would like to change something, please contact us via e-mail to  verpflegung@wurzl14.at.

If you haven’t saved your “open-pot”-order in the database, you can also send it by mail.



Here the Wurzl-menu to download and view: Wurzl’14 meal plan

The menu should provide you a taste of how you will be catered at Wurzl’14.

In compiling the plan, we tried to take care of nature and as little finished products as possible and as  well no frozen products. On the other hand we tried to bring in typical recipes for our region. This meal plan may vary due to program-reasons.

At lunch and dinner, two options are available. You can decide for yourselve whether you cook only one or both meals.

From now you will have the opportunity to fill out your online menu choice.
Also the recipes will be available soon.

If you have questions concerning food, pleas contact the catering-team at:  verpflegung@wurzl14.at.

We wish you now: “Bon appetit!”

We proudly present: “all my life” – our camp song!


LeoThe young musician Leonhard “Leo” Golser wrote a very cool and powerfull camp song. Togehter with his former musics-teacher, choirmaster and scout Moritz Guttmann he created a modern song. Mo, who probably added the text content, visited us at our annual leader’s convention and presented “all night long” the first time. Now we offer the song to you for listening, trying and practising ;-)




“All my life – official Wurzl’14 Camp song” by Leo Golser

Registration-period extended

We have already registered groups from all over Austria and also some foreign countries but we have still place left. We’d like to invite you to join our camp. Registration will now be possible until easter (middle of April!!).anmedlefrist-verlängert


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